The body, itself, is an art. But it can also be a blank canvass for a different type of art. There’s no need to debate about such statements because both of these are true. For people practicing fine arts, the body is considered the highest form of art. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t accommodate other art forms. This makes the human body highly interesting and exquisitely beautiful. Inking a specific figure, image, or text is a process that carries a lot of history.

Getting a tattoo is a very big step and it requires a lot of thinking. Since inks are permanent, you need to guarantee that it represents something and has a certain meaning. If you’re in need of in-depth information regarding the varied types of tattoos, Disegni Tatuaggi can help you.

The following are some of the most famous tattoo types you can try:

Maori Tattoos. At first glance, this type of ink is nothing short of decorative. Intricate designs weave with each other to create an entire image. This type of tattoo is of high importance for the people of New Zealand. The design easily identifies what status a person holds in a specific group. Maori represents the life a person has lived and what type of personality that person has. There’s a corresponding design for a specific attitude or temperament. There are two types of Maori- the Moko and Kirituhi.

Mandala Tattoos. Several tattoos are associated with spirituality, balance, and health. The Mandala tattoo is one of the most famous among the spiritual types. Most people will easily set the triangle shapes apart. But more than the other shapes, it’s more concentric. The repetitive circles that serve as the base of the whole image represent balance and unity. The best thing about it is its versatility. It can be combined with other types and images.

Old school tattoos. This is not something related to any type of religion. But it is very related to pop culture. Old school tats have been around for quite some time. These are often associated with common things like a rose. Or oftentimes, the images have some relation to the beach, like an anchor. People have fun with it because you get to play with the dimensions and other elements that the tattoo should have provided that the main concept remains.

There are two major classifications of tattoos: the ones that use imagery and illustration and the one that uses text. The choice of what to have is up to you. Tattoo artists have high respect for people who think their tattoos through. Each ink carries a deep meaning in it. It shouldn’t just be something done to follow trends, otherwise, it won’t be as fulfilling as it should be.