A day’s life of any person, be a bureaucrat, high ranking politician, corporate MD, a worker in a factory, a student, a housewife all have to spend their time at least for 8 hours their physical frame toiling standing and intermittently sitting. The anatomy of the human body illustrates that the bottom of the vertebras, the junction of the sides of the pelvis bones in the center, bear the brunt of the toil. Medical science calls it coccyx and known commonly as tailbone. So, the pain or discomfort experienced for every one is quite natural. Some fight it out in the natural methods like exercises, seating positions, seating accessories, protein intake with obese reduction attempts. Here comes the essentiality of a proper accessory seat cushion to enable to continue the work, journey or any other activity.

seat cushionIs seat cushion a real remedy or so important for tailbone protection?: 

An outstanding famous ortho doctor in Chennai (India) narrates that among and out of 100 patients visited him complaining of tailbone pain, nearly 80 of them were extensive travellers in their motor cycles, cars for long time and distance and software personnel. He further emphatically states, that their sitting style, seats have much to tell about their problem and to be chosen correctly. So the seat cushion and the ingredients that make it matter seriously. The vibration effect directly lands on tailbone in sitting posture and on knee disc while walking or running. So choosing a seat cushion of relevance is essential not only for comfort but for long time health also.

If vibration is not allowed to stamp on the tailbone junction, then there should be a support in the nature of elasticity. A metal spring may be seemingly relaxing, but it may not be effective for more time. Correct foam with no-slip effect like pure memory foam seats really serves this purpose. When one orders for such a cushion, has to see some brands highly authenticated by orthopedic specialists, quality of memory foam, branded and sold by international deliverers like Amazon. This is because; non-reliable materials may cause more damage than the original constraint.