The internet is being used as a medium to promote business online. Connecting to possible customers using Instagram is a good idea because it is the leading photo sharing app. There are people out there who are buying Instagram followers to improve their social media profile. bought Instagram comments are a norm of many online marketers today.

Buying followers fall under two categories-

A company makes fake pages who ‘follow’ you. Instagram is very strict on fake accounts. These fake followers will not buy your brand. Your account will be shut down and you or your business will have a bad name in the market.

A company uses a bot that automatically follows or likes accounts and then unfollows them. A bot can not like posts, leave comments or share your content. This makes the engagement and activity stay the same while the number of followers keep increasing. People come to know that you use bot and they can stop following you.


More followers tend to follow you when they see that you have many followers. bought Instagram comments and followers helps you get a chance to be seen by random users. It can help you earn more followers and will make you more influential. You or your business has a good reputation. More people will trust you and would want to follow you. The huge number of followers will help you or your business as an established brand.


As mentioned above, if the fact that your followers are fake comes to the fore, your reputation is at stake. Your business can crumble because of this. One cannot accept higher rate of engagement from random users when fake followers are present in your account. These fake followers can leave you whenever they want. Fake followers are temporary and can not be relied for long period of time. Instagram purge can find the fake profiles and bot and eliminate them.

You can organically increase your followers by following these steps-

The posts on your business account should be on the products and business details. Your personal posts or comments should never be posted on your business account. Bring consistent in sending posts will be key. You should post at least once a day. New ideas will keep your followers hooked on to your account. Videos are also the new trend to keep your followers engaged. For your business, you can take video on how the products are manufactured. The comments of your workers, their pictures all help the business. Use hashtags to increase shelf life on your Instagram posts.

Buying followers can help in initial stage. Later it is the other factors that will take you or your business to the next level.