If you have a fair skin tone but want to have a darker skin color and get that perfect tan then there are many options for that. Getting your skin tanned is something that could make you look a lot better simply by making your skin darker. If you want to achieve perfect tan results, then you might have to get tanned by spending hours on a tanning bed and being exposed to Ultraviolet rays till you can finally move and get the exact kind of color you want. However, if there was a different method for this without any trouble and side-effects, it would be a perfect option for you.

Fortunately, getting melanin injections is this second method which will let you get a perfectly tanned skin easily without going through the trouble of going to tanning therapies and spending hours.

What are melanin injections?

Melanin injections are simple injections that will actively work to increase your body’s melanin production. With a higher amount of melanin, your complexion will turn darker and you will be able to enjoy your perfectly tanned look. These injections will also make your skin gain a higher level of protection against harmful Ultraviolet Rays due to the increased production of melanin. Melanin will not only make your skin look darker but also save you from diseases like skin cancer and more that are caused due to harmful UV rays.

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Why should you get melanin injections instead of tanning therapy?

Tanning therapies include prolonged exposure to dangerous UV rays. It does not only take a lot of your time in which you are expected to lie on the tanning bed and not do anything else, but it is also dangerous. Prolonged exposure to harmful Ultraviolet rays can prove to be extremely harmful to your skin and your skin can lose its softness and tenderness. Moreover, the results of getting your skin tanned do not stay longer and you will need to sit through the routine again to get the same skin color back.

If you want to get the skin color of your dreams without having to deal with a large number of side-effects due to harmful UV rays then you should get melanin injections as they will also save a lot of your time and the results last for months without any major side effects.