The creators of Kik messenger app do claim that this service is meant for friend-finding and fun interactions. They also maintain that while creating this app, they didn’t think of making it a tool for Snapchat-like services. But even this messenger offers full privacy to its users. In fact, it does not save the shared contents for long. Hence, you might want to utilize this service to exhibit your naughty side to the very special ones. And even you have not yet found a special one, and yet bit a bit horny, don’t worry.

snapchat friends

What to Expect

A majority of kiksnapme – snapchat friends & names users comprise of high school students and college goers. However, a number of young-at-heart users have found it cool. The general age joining this service ranges between 16 and 46. Since the service is all about finding friends having similar taste and preferences, you can explore more about the users in the ‘about me’ section. Browsing through this section, you will find a number of users looking for decent friends, who might not mind being ‘mildly’ flirty. You can also find users who value relationships and family more to getting intimate. There are also users having varying interests, ranging from athletics and traveling.

The Upside And The Downside

Perhaps, the best thing about this app is that quite unlike Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, it does not ‘remember’ everything that you share or post. Quite like Snapchat, this messenger service is ‘forgetful’, hence lovable. Whatever you share would magically vanish between 1 and 10 seconds. But that does not mean this service is devoid of its share of disadvantages. Even in the middle of all the fun and entertainment that it offers, a number of users tend to overdo this app. A number of teenagers mention that they have been ‘forced’ to sexting under peer pressure. At times, this leads to terrible consequences.  It is quite common for the teens getting bullied. Sometimes, recipients not only captured the screenshots of the nudes and sexting but also shared them.

Why Love It Then?

There are many things common with kiksnapme – snapchat friends & names. However, despite the downsides, it is not that bad if you use it with a little care. You can begin by sending provocative images to those you actually know or rely upon. Use it sparingly and see how your love life spices up! Use this app to get up, close and personal with strangers, while keeping your identity a secret.