The quickest and easiest way to provide the bank with the necessary proof of income is via the so-called account view.  This is not possible with every bank and is only possible as an option.  You do not have to use this option if you do not want the bank to have short-term access to your account.

 With your consent, the selected bank can access your bank account once at a glance.  The information relevant to the credit check is then automatically retrieved.   The account view is therefore a safe and convenient way to save you the hassle of selecting and submitting documents.  Make time for more important things in life and apply for Quick personal loans same day.

Quick personal loans same day

Upload documents online

With many banks it is possible to upload the requested documents directly online for same day loans.  You will find out which documents have to be submitted immediately after selecting the bank with which you would like to take out the loan.  All you need for the document upload is a smartphone with which you can photograph or scan the relevant documents.  A normal scanner is of course also possible.

 After choosing your preferred credit institution, simply upload the documents as a PDF or image file.  If you don’t have the documents to hand, that’s no problem.  An upload can also take place afterwards if you have created an account. This can be done very easily and within a few minutes.  The time-consuming and tedious sending of the documents by post is therefore no longer necessary.