Lee Man-hee, the Korean Jesus, believes in the teachings of the holy book Bible. He promises that the world is going to enter a new era. There will be no crime, no mourning, and no pain. He believes himself to be a messenger of the creator.

Shincheonji is a church in South Korea. The full name is Shincheonji Church of Jesus or the Temple of the Tabernacle of testimony. It is different from the rest of the churches in the world. Churches constitute a general assembly. Here people mutually establish a governing body. Shincheonji opposes the sect.

Lee Man-hee is the founder of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus. He is the chairman of the organization.

Followers believe

For his companion, Korean Jesus is the descendant of a Korean ruler. Lee Man-hee proclaims himself to be a flesh in which the spirit of Jesus is carrying out his work. Jesus promised people that he would come back to earth near about two-thousand years ago.

Shinchonji Church of Jesus

People have a strong feeling that Lee Man-hee is someone who is chosen by the creator.  And he is the one on whose spirit Jesus prevails.

Christians firmly believe in the words of the Bible. It was referred to that God has promised to send a messenger who will teach them. He will help him to attain peace.

The world has witnessed destruction, war, and crimes. The creator will send a person who will compel people to believe in God’s faithfulness.

How Lee Man-hee became a successful religious leader?

When Lee Man-hee started his journey, he was with a group of few people. Now he is recognized globally. Followers prevail not only from South Korea but also other parts of the continents.

He understands how a friend can help us. A friend is someone to whom we trust and share things. We share hobbies and activities. Thus Shincheonji tries to reach out to loved ones and friends. They develop a bonding when someone is ready to join their organization. It helps them to gather community from different parts of the world.

We see that Christian volunteers in the Church leave their occupations. But, Shincheoji encourages members to carry out their working life. They have families. A member wishes, he can give of his life only for the sake of humanity.

Shincheonji discourages casual dating. They instead encourage people to go for serious relations.