For some, money is important. It’s just that when you see practicality with you, connecting it with your life is measured. You cannot live without money. Of course, you need it to buy food, clothes, and shelter.

digital money system

When talking about money, with today’s digital age, it does not only speak about that regular cash you have kept in your wallet. Money is also transacted via the internet. This is known as cryptocurrency. A lot are asking about What Is Cryptocurrency. Answers about it lie to being a digital money system which is specifically designed to make safe and secure transactions, almost similar to that of regular cash. But of course, they do not have a physical presence as they only work digitally.

Kinds of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is in different kinds similar to that of real currencies. Some of them include:

o   Bitcoin

This is the first cryptocurrency which is already running popular these days. Bitcoin is even considered as a digital gold standard in the entire digital currency industry because of how it is used as a means of payment globally. It is even taken as an existing currency of cyber-crime such as ransomware.

o   Ripple

Although a lot of cryptocurrency users hate Ripple, still it has its own advantage. Many are still using it because it shields a specific network against spams.

o   Litecoin

Litecoin is the silver to Bitcoin. This digital currency works better than Bitcoin when it comes to real innovation. It is tailored as it obtains a larger amount of token. Also, it offers a new mining algorithm which helps in the facilitation of some other cryptocurrencies with the help of codebase, thus, making transactions even lighter.

o   Ethereum

Ethereum can process user transactions even with complicated programs and elaborate contracts. Because of Ethereum’s flexibility, such makes it the finest tool for any blockchain application.

o   Monero

When it comes to the kryptonite algorithm, Monero confidently answers that. This is because it was created to add privacy features in which Bitcoin and other digital currencies miss. Because Monero works great, this is where it was accepted as a currency – specifically in the darknet markets.

Buying Cryptocurrency

When buying cryptocurrency, it is vital to be accurate with your site selection. Some of the best ones are:

o   On Kraken

For Kraken, buying cryptocurrency here is easy. You may use this to purchase XRP exchange. With their site, a verification procedure is provided which you need to follow before logging in. Also, you have to get ready with your fund to be deposited in your account to begin with your XRP purchase.

o   On Bitstamp

Bitstamp offers XRP/EUR, XRP/BTC, and XRP/USD. To buy it, you need to create an account first. But do not forget to verify your account as well. To help you with this, try to check out their site as instructions are provided there.

o   On GateHub

As for GateHub, buying cryptocurrency here requires you to sign up for an account. But you also need to store your recovery key first for the verification process. Confirm it through your email and get back to the site.

The Advice

As a cryptocurrency holder, it is important to be wary of where you buy it. This is because massive risks are with these digital currencies. There are folks who have invested so much yet only gathered nothing as they are tricked. It is vital to be particular and vigilant in choosing to buy or exchange sites to stay on the safe side. This is because digital currencies have no physical presence compared to regular cash. They cannot create regular transactions with the assistance of central banking systems.