Want to try on eyelash extension but not sure where to go? Wait! We can help you. Here are top eyelash extensions in New York City.

  1. Ebenezer Eyelash Extension: committed lash technician, highest quality lash extension, purely professional services with excellent and proven skills. It provides best customer care with fabulous creativity.
  2. Butterfly kiss eyelash extension: certified by Xtreme Lashes USA and licensed by NYS Esthetic , butterfly lash extension provides an amazing volume to your eyelash applying extensions on each natural lashes using featherlight soft hair for the stunning dense look.
  3. PUCKER makeup and eyelash extension: Provides hand picked professionals to design and style the look that would perfectly match your face. Promises very affordable eyelash extension with selected branded products. PUCKER make sure you look good and feel good every time.
  4. Envious Lashes- eyelash extension: provides natural looking eyelash extensions to give lash an ultimate boost. Available in various lengths, width, curls, envious lashes contain highly trained stylists and FDA approved adhesive.
  5. Lash forever eyelash extensions: committed to provide the best professional eyelash extension, lash forever eyelash extension is strict when it comes to customer satisfaction. Highly dedicated staffs. Works Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 8PM.
  6. LASHES on 5th-eyelash extension and salon: Best eyelash extension by internationally trained technicians for finest results. Best known for its amazing quality and services and best ever looking lash choices.
  7. Raonzena eyelash extension: Dedicated to create perfect lashes that compliment your face, raonzena eyelash extension services works to improve the look of your face, highlighting the most elegant part, the lashes. Promotional offers available starting from $ 50 for 80 lash set, $70 for 100 lash set and $ 90 for 120 lash set.
  8. Lash holic eyelash extension: Lash holiceyelash extension provides best service not only for women, but also for men. Eyelash extension is done with proper care.
  9. Extend eyelash extension: The Moro being fabulous looking lashes, extend eyelash extension gives you wide range of extensions in different colours, thickness, length and looks from natural to glamorous. Guarantees lash life up to 5 weeks with best quality available in the market.
  10. The lash loft-eyelash extension salon: concentrating specially on eyelash extensions, the lash loft eyelash extension salon experts try and work for your lashes to look perfect and outstanding. Promotional price for new customers ranging from $ 99 to $ 125 available.

Hope this list helped you to sort out confusionon  where to go for eyelash extension. Say goodbye to mascara and hello to lash extensions. Oh