Hair is an important part of the personality that defines us, so that hair loss or alopecia can affect our mood and self-esteem.

Although it is common to think that alopecia is an issue that affects mostly men, it also affects women. Probably, this time of year is when you worry more about hair loss, due to the seasonal fall, but there are other types of alopecia that can affect throughout the year. It is necessary to differentiate each type of fall to try to reverse the situation as soon as possible.

What kind of products for hair loss can I find in the pharmacy?

There are several products like ketoconazole shampoo hair loss on the market that help reduce hair loss and recover hair more quickly.

Food Complements

A good supplement is one that provides the nutrients that your hair needs and that you lack . They are capsules formulated by a combination of ingredients that help your hair to become stronger, healthier and thus combat its fall. Visit this website to get more detail.

Alopecia is a problem that can be chronic and needs a long treatment to obtain results. To do this, remember to introduce them into your daily routine so as not to forget you.

The appearance of new hair is observed after 3-6 months of continuous use.

If the fall is abundant or genetic it is likely that you need a maintenance treatment periodically throughout the year.


Anti-hair lotion or ampoules

It is a more specific product  and does not usually need rinsing so the ingredients come in contact with the hair for a longer time. They are products that provide a more intense helpto your hair.

Anti-hair loss shampoo

When washing your hair use a specific shampoo containing ingredients that help you prepare the scalp for the application of other products such as lotion, as well as to regulate the possible sebaceous secretion. The shampoo acts as an adjuvant in anti-hair loss treatments . Use it as indicated on the package and dry the hair with care and delicacy, so you will avoid damaging it.

Topical products are comfortable alternatives to redensify the mane, both during the seasonal fall period, as well as during the fall, and throughout the year.

Hair Loss Shampoo

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo  helps reduce excessive hair loss and stimulates hair growth thanks to its combination of ingredients, which stimulate the hair follicle, normalize sebaceous secretion, nourish and strengthen hair.