How To Care For Your Microbladed Eyebrows

Eyebrow trends are always changing according to the times. From thick and bushy to thin and shaped, it has seen a new trend every few years. But the most hottest trend, since its introduction in 2015, is that of eyebrow microblading. Every way you look, you can see people either rushing to get their eyebrows […]

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Once a channel made a remarkable comment by saying that if a woman cuts her hair that woman is about to change her life. Hair is that one feature which makes a great part of our personality and it has all the power to present oneself as a confident person and to make sure that […]

3 Tattoo Types With Deep Meanings And Origins

The body, itself, is an art. But it can also be a blank canvass for a different type of art. There’s no need to debate about such statements because both of these are true. For people practicing fine arts, the body is considered the highest form of art. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t […]