Do you love to see the electric cars and do you want to drive them as well? We are telling you about the fastest electric cars in the world and one fine day you will get it. Here read more about these cars.

  1. Rimac Concept One 2017:

The worth of this car is 97,000$ and this is known as the fastest car of the world. The speed of the car is 190mph, which is the highest. Everything is impressive about this car but when it comes to the batteries then it take really long to charge. Before you go for the drive you should check the batteries to avoid any trouble during the drive.

  1. Porsche Mission E 2018:

The worth of the car is about $120,000. The speed of the car is about 160mph. All the models of this brand are desirable to the people because people often say other than the speed this car is absolutely perfect and interior is quite comfortable. You will love the car, when you are going to take a drive in it.

  1. Tesla Model S 2017:

The worth of the car is about $70,000 and other than the money, the appearance is absolutely strong beautiful. The speed of the electric car is 155mph. This speed is enough to keep you satisfy and you will love how it makes you feel great in the car. The horsepower of the engine is 600. It has air filter as well which prevent you from pollutants as well.

  1. Audi E-Tron Quattro 2018:

The worth of the car is $80,000. The speed of the car is 130.5 mph. The abilities of the car is absolutely impressive and when someone is going to take ride in it then the appearance and interior both will leave impressive effects. You can read more about this car. The recharging of the car is fast and there will be no more trouble to the drive.

  1. Tesla Model 3 2018:

The worth of the car is about $65,000. This car is going to be available from 2018 and then you can witness the beauty and performance of the car. The speed of the car is 130mph, which is impressive and goes with the appearance of the car. The appearance and color is suitable to the speed and once it will show for the debut, then you can learn more about it.