Are you a die-hard fan of coffee and chocolate? Finding the right chocolate covered beans will be an ultimate delight. The espresso coffee beans covered in the chocolate stand-out among other mainstream drinks & caffeinated products out there.  But, you might be worried about caffeine in chocolate covered espresso beans. An average chocolate espresso coffee bean has 10 mg of caffeine.

Are Espresso Coffee Beans Safe?

Despite of circulating misinformation, it’s completely safe for people to consume espresso beans and coffee. You do not need to skimp over this treat, providing you eat the chocolate-covered beans safely.

Having Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee bean is a fruit of coffee plant. This coffee fruit is quite similar to other fruit or seed that has the outer casing, like lemon or banana. To consume beans, makers remove coffee fruit’s outer casing and they dry & roast beans inside. These green beans go brown during the roasting that gives brown coffee bean that we know & love. At this point, you typically grind & brew beans and make coffee.

The espresso beans are coffee beans that are darkly roasted. Caffeine content in the coffee beans will differ depending on several factors and including chocolate, 7mg is an average amount that you can find. The chocolate covered espresso will range from 5 to 10 mg for the milk chocolate covered & 6 to 11 mg for the dark chocolate covered.


Whereas this might not appear like too much caffeine, these candies are very addictive and simple to eat in just one sitting.