Selecting the right size of futon for your home means what you are searching for, the design & comfort level to materials and portability. It is very important that you first know if you wish to sleep on a mattress, like the traditional futon, or want bed-to-couch type of short futon. Then add in other features if you want.

Modern Futon and Traditional Futon

If you are looking for the futon mattress where you can sleep every night, then you must look for the traditional Japanese type of futon mattresses made from cotton. The mattresses are simple to roll up and fold and store in a right way.

Short Futon

The modern futons are an amazing choice if you want extra seating, which will make a guest bed. It comes in many different materials, sizes, as well as styles. You must look for the futons with the wooden frame for sturdiness & comfort.

Factors to Look at When Buying Futons

1. Sturdiness: Because of the low profiles & thinner padding, many futon mattresses fall in ‘Medium Firm’ or ‘Firm’. If you use the firmness scale, then most of the futon models come between 6 to 8.

2. Right sizes: Twin, Full or Queen is three common mattress sizes for futon. There are some other sizes, which are easily available for the standard mattresses, like Twin XL or King, are a bit rare for the futon mattresses.

3. Cover: If you want to ensure that sleep surface stays hygienic and clean, majority of the futon mattresses have removable cotton covers that are easy to wash and dry in the conventional machines.

4. Thickness: Majority of the futon mattresses come in 5 inch and 9 inch thickness. Innerspring mattresses appear to be a thickest option whereas cotton & foam/cotton mix models are the thinnest to select from.

Thus, these are some important factors and types of futon beds that are available in the market, make a right choice.