The staff is one of the most important values when opening a restaurant, a fundamental part of any hotel and restaurant business. You can have the best food and drink offer in the world, but if the staff is not qualified and is not friendly to the client, you will not get the best results in your income and expenses account. Although it is one of the highest costs in a business, around 30%, the staff is the key to success in any establishment, whether catering or not. In addition, it is the visible face of your restaurant, which advises the client and makes you enjoy a special evening. Surely you know several restaurants where the food was correct but the staff was attentive and friendly, is the perfect experience. A  place to which you will return on more than one occasion. When hiring your staff, you should keep these five aspects in mind.

How We Hire All-Star Employees

The hiring of the staff is one of the main problems for the hotel and restaurant businessmen,

 As it is a headache, especially in high season. Therefore, it defines well the profile of the person needed for the position in the job portals and thus to get the best candidates for the job in question. It values the training and the recycling of each person, their work experience and the work carried out throughout their career. You can even ask for a recommendation from another position and talk to the previous managers about their time at that company. Remember, you need a chef or a waiter prepared for the success of a company. Do not save in this aspect, you can get more income if the employee knows how to encourage the sale of each diner. Check out this site number of staff available on this site

On-site training

Once the best candidate has been selected, you will have to train it to adapt to the way the restaurant works. Do not leave it alone the first day, you will have to teach it the different aspects of the place so that it takes note of everything and resolves any incident quickly.

To do this, the employee’s manual will be of great help, where all the actions to be carried out from the beginning to the end of the shift will appear in detail. In it, the technical specifications of each dish will be collected with its ingredients, elaboration and plating, both for the room and kitchen staff. Thus, if a customer asks the waiter the ingredients of the dish, he will know it perfectly.