Cryptocurrency is the digital currency with no physical counterparts. It is used as normal currencies like rupees, dollars, pounds and more. This type of currency is used online. and the concept is very new so it not acceptable everywhere around d the world. One doesn’t need to carry cash with them they have Cryptocurrency. As the cryptocurrency is the currency in electronic form it can ve accessed and used anywhere, where people use the internet. One can exchange the currency by using the public and the private key. It is the internet-based currency and can be used just like normal money. One can pay bills using this currency.

What is the Cryptocurrency market cap?

Cryptocurrency market capitalization is a metric used to know the real value of the cryptocurrency. One can go to the lottery to see the ranking of the coins. There are mainly three types of caps


Large-cap are safe investments to make and they have a big market cap. Companies with $10 billion and above market caps are considered large-cap companies and there are few large-cap companies.

Mid –Cap cryptos are riskier as compared to the large-cap companies  and also they have a smaller market. The cryptos with $1 billion to $10 billion market caps are the mid-cap.

Small-cap cryptos have the highest risk rate and are the smallest market. They have higher chances of failure and are very risky. The companies below the $1 billion market caps are counted as the small-cap.

One can use the lottery to track the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies. This will help them to stay updated with the prices and the ranking fo the different cryptocurrencies and will lead to safer investments. The coinmarket cap tells the value, available supply and trade volume of the market capitalization.