The barbecue traditions of Kansas and Missouri collide in Kansas City, but delicious smoked meats can be found all around the state. Barbecue is often cooked in big pits over a long period. While burned ends (the crunchy, fat tip of a sliced brisket) are a local delicacy, menus frequently include beef brisket, pork ribs, chicken, turkey, and sausages, all topped with a rich, sweet tomato-based gravy.Best BBQ In America are very popular.

Wyandot Barbeque

The Wyandot Barbeque in Kansas City, which is decorated like a traditional American diner, specialises in massive slabs of ribs and pork, as well as full smoked barbecued chickens. Big groups can cram around the dark wooden benches and diner tables for convivial dinners, where the best in grilled meat and sides are served.

Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q

Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q is a small barbecue chain of restaurants with locations throughout Kansas. The first restaurant opened in 1946, and five more locations have been gradually added in the last 60 years. Gates & Sons are known for its BBQ sauce, which is based on an old family recipe.

Woodyard BBQ

Woodyard BBQ is a rebirth of Frank Schloegel’s much ancient Southside Patio and Wood, which first opened its doors in 1913. This restaurant, now called the Woodyard, has long been noted for the variety of wood chips it utilises, which include cherries, apples, and hickory oak.

Bite me BBQ

Bite Me BBQ is a family-owned and managed restaurant in Wichita that specialises in home-cooked barbeque. The founders make it a point to work onsite every day to guarantee that all food sent out to consumers is of the highest quality. The meal is so amazing that Bite Me Barbecue was named Kansas’ greatest ribs restaurant. Spare ribs, slow-cooked for 16 hours, 18-hour smoked brisket, cut to order, and hand-pulled pork are among the main courses. Bite Me BBQ also serves a variety of Mexican-inspired BBQ meals, such as the succulent spare rib beef chimichanga.


These are some of the top BBQ restaurants located in Kansas, America. Feel free to drop by for lunch or dinner as it suits you. Hope you have a great time!