The Trading Platform You Require- Coinigy

All about the cryptocurrency trend

The trend of virtual and digital currencies has been seen rising up in the current time. While some people are still unaware of it, some find it the best method of investment that can help in achieving greater benefits. Briefly speaking, the technique uses codes that are encrypted to perform the purchases and payments. In the place of using paper money, it uses digital crediting to the seller’s account and debiting of the buyer’s account. The use of cryptography is the main feature of these currencies which provides safety and security to the payments and transactions and mathematical and computer elements are used in main working of the technology.  Various trading platforms have evolved with the trend becoming so popular over the internet and coinigy being one of them.

virtual currencies

Top cryptocurrencies

There are different types of virtual currencies that are currently leading the digital money market. You may have heard a few names, but that doesn’t mean that there are only those ones. There are various other currencies that are used on the trading sites like coinigy. These may be somewhat less popular but have equal importance. You can invest in any of them but first know a bit about them too.

  • Bitcoins- It is the most famous and the leading one and dominates the market so much that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are sometimes used interchangeably.
  • Litecoin- It was introduced in the year 2011 and is an open source, decentralized currency.
  • Ethereum- The second most popular currency is another open source software platform that is decentralized too and was launched in the year 2015.
  • Zcash- introduced in the year 2016, it is the newer one in the market and promotes security, privacy and transparency in transaction.
  • Dash- it is a version of bitcoin sometimes referred to as ‘darkcoin’ that came to the market in the year 2014.

Why are they good to invest in?

For those looking for an answer as to why you should invest in these digital currencies, here is the answer to it.

  • The rising popularity and trend- being new to the market, it has less users so profits are always large.
  • Easy conversion- the legal paper money can be easily converted.
  • Store money in this currency- You can even store the money in the form of cryptocurrency and get in converted at the time of need.

So understand the process well, invest in it and gain larger profits!