If there is something that we have learnt from being on this planet for thousands of years is that there is always something new to be found and experienced. Whether we learn it or is up to us to decide but there cannot be a single person in the world who have exhausted every possibility to learn something more and then go to another dimension to find more of it. since we have established that there is no one like that, it is safe to assume that there is always things to learn in our world and where does this learning take us is a complete mystery and no one will know for sure. But research and study is something that has always been the hallmark of being on top of the evolution chain. In the modern day world we seek help for our lack of things to do and to motivate ourselves in order to do the things that interests us in academics. Kids and students have the luxury of taking up the act prep Londonderry NH classes as and when they see fit in order to make sure that they get top results in the SAT exams or their MCATs or not flunk their 7th grade math exams. Whatever the case maybe there is always room for learning.

Why Then Do We Do Things?

If learning is everything then why does the only thing that matter to us not in the priority of the things that people focus on. Instead they are focused on fighting each other for water, oil, and supremacy and then end up killing each other in the process. If learning is the fundamental structure of our minds, is there room for all these things to manifest in them? Learning to do the calculus exams with the help of the act prep Londonderry NH coaching classes and then acing those takes precedence over the gang fight in your school or to plot against your classmate just because he or she was not nice to you at lunch? If that is the case, then the human genome has undergone a tremendous change in the years that we have been on this earth.


Whether that is more important or learning more is does not matter anymore if things do not make sense to do either without conviction.