Typography sets the basics for web fonts and web design. Skillshare typography classes guide you and help you learn the basic tools and techniques that you can use to master the art of typography. Experts leading these tutorials help you choose the perfect font for any professional concept. They help you identify the fonts that you have fallen in love with and recognize if they are worth getting.

Skillshare typography videos are a one-stop shop towards learning all the fundamentals of typography and learn it in a concise and straightforward manner.

Below are some of the top Skillshare typography tutorials that are a must watch if you want to go deeper into the art of web font and illustration:

  1. Typography that works:

The cost for this class is free and it has a run time of 36 minutes. The course is split into ten videos, each video takes time and explains in depth the various typographic fonts and compositions. There are fonts that mesh well together and fonts that designers stay far away from. This class breaks down various fonts and how to create typography effortlessly.

  1. Graphic design basics:

This course is available for free and is a series of 8 videos. Each video runs for 36 minutes and explores the core principles of visual design. Design is mostly about having good taste and this course will provide you with knowledge about how to differentiate between good designs and bad. Also, this course will provide you with techniques on how to critique you and your friend’s works.

  1. Choosing the right typefaces:

This tutorial by Faye Brown comes at a premium price. It explores the concept of enhancing your type with letters and other typographic elements. For designers, illustrators, and animators; this class is especially useful for anyone who includes type or lettering in their work. You will learn how to communicate your concept in the right manner just by using the appropriate font. Learn how to use the correct typeface for your work. Each word will denote a different meaning depending on what font is used.


Learning how to make your own font is a great way to be creative and incorporate that skill into your own business. With Skillshare typography classes you can learn the art of lettering and type from the comfort of your couch. Creating your own font is the first step in the design world and is a valuable skill to have when looking for a job or also wanting to earn a little extra income. Luckily these courses are either free or super affordable. Go ahead and dive into the classes you want to learn from and become a creative typographer in no time!