As we know bitcoins are the trending digital currency, it is important to have well planned factors to proceed. The following are the steps to be followed to make bitcoin strategic.

  1. Finding a company that sells gold bullion

There are many online companies which sells gold bullions, but it is better to choose which offers some incentive programs which adds the commissions if you refer the people to the company.

  1. Open a bitcoin wallet

There are many bitcoin wallets are available to the public. The bitcoins can get from bitcoin exchange, through online brokers or from exchange medium with the particular coinbase fees. Offline wallets are protective from hacking when compared to online wallets.

  1. Start bitcoin mining

Mining is the money earning step and is based on the specific coding in the bitcoin investment. The transactions in the bitcoin are recorded in a special technology called blockchain which organizes the data in Blocks. When the purchase is done, it sends the information to the entire network. The other investors all over the world verify and validate the previous transaction by solving a complicated math equation. They do this with the help of hash function. The hash function is fixed and the miners can’t predict. It works completely on guess. Thousands of miners guess this at the same. The one who solves the puzzle first verifies the block which is added to the blockchain. The miner is rewarded with bitcoins.

  1. Purchase a gold bullion with bitcoins

Buy gold bullions with the bitcoins on daily basis in the company you have chosen. For which the investor need to link the coinbase wallet card to visa card and gold bullions are bought using this card.

Thus the bitcoin is the best investment method if one follows the above steps. The investor can buy gold bullions every month without using his own money.