A steel building is made of high-quality corrugated steel sheets. These are very easy to build. The simple architecture provided by steel building is very effective to use it for different purposes ranging from residential to commercial. A steel building has various advantages which make it so popular. An adaptive steel building is a good choice to build up for your personal use or may be for some huge commercial use.

Usage of the steel building:

                There are four types of variations are available for the steel building.

  1. Residential: our compact steel buildings are specially designed for your home. This DIY steel building does not need any skilled labor to install. You can do it yourself with the help of your friends. No special lifting equipment is required. You can use it for your garage, workshop, horse barns, RV/car/boat storage etc.
  2. Commercial: we have a big range of steel buildings for commercial usage. An adaptive steel buildings can be used for airplane hanger, repair shop, small warehouse, construction equipment storage and much more.
  3. Agricultural: if you own a big farm, a steel building may be installed the. You need crop/grain storage, livestock dairy products, tractor and large equipment storage, horse barns etc. you also can use the conventional wooden sheds for those purposes. But wood needs a regular maintenance. You cannot leave these outside. The steel building is the best option for this. You don’t need any complex tool to build it. This can be settled by you within a few days.
  4. Recreational & public facilities: our steel buildings also can be used for many other different facilities. A military building, government building, public gymnasium are some of the examples. An indoor sports complex, ambulance garage also can be included in the examples.

How many types of steel buildings are there?

                There are two types of steel buildings you can choose from.

  1. Straight wall building: this type of steel building encompasses a permanent structural part with the primary and the secondary framing fundamentals and a sheet on the top. Basically, it is a square structure.
  2. Arched building (Quonset hut): this is based on arches made of high-quality steel. The architecture is quite simple with the one bolt fittings. The most interesting part is that you can use the 100% inner space because, like the conventional building, it has no beams and post inside the structure. It can be customized according to your requirement both lengthwise and width wise. It is the best option for personal use.