Step 1: Decide which flowers you’d like to keep.

The selection of flowers is the first stage. Flowers that have fully blossomed will make a magnificent show.

You can also arrange them at different stages of bloom or contrast them with tiny buds. Use sharp pruning shears to clip the flower stems. When you’re ready to put flowers in a jar, choose a time when you’d like to collect the blossoms. Going on a dry day rather than one with a lot of humidity is preferred.

Step 2: Select a glass vase for the flowers.

To keep the flowers in a jar fresh, you’ll need a glass container. As decorative jars, you can use apothecary jars or mason jars. Make sure the glass is translucent to highlight the flower arrangement. If you have some, you can also use reusable jam or jelly jars. A snow globe is another lovely way to exhibit preserved flowers. Flowers should be kept in a jar.

Flower storage options come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

With this simple presentation technique, any bouquet will be elevated.

The flower-patterned fabric should be cut into half-inch pieces. Mod Podge the interior of a 16-ounce jar with a regular mouth. Flowers should be placed in the vase.

Combine pink and white flowers with old blue Mason jars to create contrast in this simple design.

Combine dusty roses with twine or burlap to create this rustic arrangement. Wrap the rope around the vase first, then secure it using hot glue.

Apply faux or genuine gold leaf to Mason jars in areas using a small brush to obtain the look seen here. These jars’ shabby chic allure is enhanced by their flaws.

Line a wooden crate or an old toolbox with Mason jars and your favorite flowers in subdued tones. Are you looking for a centerpiece that requires little upkeep? Use fake or paper flowers instead.