If you work on a computer than chances are that you will find yourself sitting most of the day. According to an article, the average healthy American now sits an average of fifteen hours a day. Back in the days without computers, the average American sat only for three hours a day. While limited amount of time sitting is safe, excessive sitting can lead to one in at least twenty-four various chronic diseases and or conditions. Before technology took over, people use to spend their days walking, bending, twisting and generally moving; these people are now mostly well, sit. According to experts, sitting for any long length of time is not good for the human body because we were not designed to be idle but rather a body in motion. When you don’t move, as in the case of working on the computer, your metabolism begins to slow down resulting in the possibility of: heart disease, obesity, diabetes, arthritis and even increases your chance of premature death. Besides adversely effecting your body, sitting for long periods can also affect your mental health as well. Experts have found that women who sit more than seven hours a day are more subject to depression than those who sit for four hours or less. If you must sit at a computer all day than here are six habits that you should start practicing: give a standing desk a try, pencil in some exercise time, walk further, have walking meetings, try a stability ball, and stay alert so minutes sitting don’t turn into hours sitting.

six habits that you should start practicing

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